Nezam H. Afdhal, M.D., Chief of Hepatology, Director of Liver Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Professor of Medicine, Harvard School of Medicine and a member of Medgenics’ Strategic Advisory Board, stated, “This first INFRADURE study will be important not only for its use in treating hepatitis C, but more broadly will calibrate use of this novel method to offer continuous interferon therapy produced by the patient’s own tissue, for other forms of hepatitis such as B and D. The immune system is the body’s natural protection against viral infection and is a key element of treatment for various forms of hepatitis. INFRADURE aims to make the most of that natural defense by providing sustained interferon to bolster the immune system while minimizing the burdens of patient compliance and reducing side effects. INFRADURE offers hope not only in hepatitis C, but could also fulfill an unmet need for reliable interferon therapy for hepatitis D, an aggressive form of hepatitis for which IFNa is the only effective treatment. It also addresses the emerging need for a practical, time limited alternative to years of expensive oral antiviral treatments for hepatitis B, a disease which afflicts an estimated 350 million patients worldwide.”

Bruce R. Bacon, M.D., past President of the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease, a recognized global expert in hepatitis and a member of Medgenics’ Strategic Advisory Board, commented, “Many have been predicting that the use of interferon in treating hepatitis C will be replaced by direct acting oral antiviral agents (DAAs), once these show effectiveness and safety in widespread use. However, recent developments in clinical studies suggest that safety may be an issue for some DAAs and caution is recommended as we go forward in this arena. INFRADURE potentially offers a safe alternative therapy for many of these patients, and supplement to oral treatments in others.”

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