XtremeMac Soma Frame (Photo: XtremeMac)

XtremeMac™, a leading designer and provider of audio solutions and accessories for Apple® products, today announces the addition of two new products to its ever-growing line. XtremeMac’s newest additions cater to the passion of Apple enthusiasts, allowing users to easily enhance their experience – whether watching a movie with the Soma™ Frame speaker, the first XtremeMac speaker system designed to wrap around your iPad® device, or listening to a playlist with the XtremeMac Tango™ Air speaker, a uniquely user-friendly AirPlay® speaker compatible with home or office WiFi. These new devices join XtremeMac’s preferred line of products, including the Tango TT speaker, a CES 2012 debut that allows users to listen to audio or watch video while keeping up with friends, trends and more via social media on their Apple device. Debuting in September at the prestigious IFA trade show in Berlin and beginning availability in October, XtremeMac’s new audio devices enable Apple users to get more out of their beloved products by enhancing sound, flexibility, portability and social media access.
XtremeMac Soma Frame (Photo: XtremeMac)

XtremeMac Soma Frame (Photo: XtremeMac)

“As Apple devices become increasingly part of our lives, our passion is connecting Apple users efficiently and effectively with their devices for a fantastic customer experience across a wide range of solutions,” said Imation’s Toshi Hokari, Executive Director, Global Product Management, Audio & Video Information. “These new XtremeMac products enhance the Apple user experience, bringing more to their Apple worlds.”

XtremeMac Soma Frame SpeakerThe first XtremeMac speaker system expressly designed to wrap around your iPad device, the XtremeMac Soma Frame speaker enhances the viewing and listening experience of iPad device users. Whether watching a movie before bed, streaming your favorite TV show at the airport or listening to new songs on the couch, the XtremeMac Soma Frame speaker makes it much easier and more enjoyable. Consumers can enjoy the enhanced sound while utilizing the frame for portability (it features a lithium-ion battery for up to 6 hours of playback time) or setting it into the dock for the added power of a subwoofer.

Features include:
  • 2.1 audio system in docked mode.
  • Portable speaker frame.
  • Lithium-ion battery in speaker frame.
  • Left/right channel switching on frame.
  • Frame fits iPad, iPad 2 and New iPad (3rd Generation) devices.
  • Mini USB charging port.
  • Designed to work with XtremeMac LifeSlides app (bass and treble control).
  • US MSRP - $299.95

XtremeMac Tango Air SpeakerThe XtremeMac Tango Air is a uniquely user-friendly speaker featuring AirPlay wireless audio technology, providing easy set-up to WiFi networks, perfect for home or office. The flexible design allows for high fidelity audio whether positioned horizontally or vertically, making it a highly adjustable speaker option for Apple users.

Features include:
  • Premium sound configuration including two tweeters, two full range drivers, one subwoofer and one passive radiator.
  • Consistent sound integrity with a unique sound image for horizontal or vertical positioning.
  • Exceptional materials including piano gloss finish and satin plated buttons ensure a design that not only sounds great, but looks great too.
  • Rear USB slot charges your iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® device.
  • Auxiliary line-in provides flexibility to listen to music on any device that has a headphone jack.
  • US MSRP - $299.95

XtremeMac Tango TT SpeakerThe XtremeMac Tango TT speaker keeps Apple users’ social media worlds at their fingertips while watching videos or listening to music. Four multi-directional speakers kick out robust sound and its XtremeMac LifeSlides app -- which can be downloaded for free - lets you control pictures, album art, Facebook and Twitter feeds and iPad device EQ levels.

Features include:
  • Flexible 30-pin dock connector.
  • Use Apple device in landscape or portrait mode for flexibility.
  • Wedge shape and pivoting back support construction for multiple viewing angles.
  • Four multi-directional speakers for premium room filling sound.
  • Customizable App for pictures, album art and social media feeds.
  • Line-in jack for use with other MP3 players.
  • US MSRP - $149.95

Additional information on availability of XtremeMac Soma Frame, Tango Air and Tango TT speakers will be announced at a later date.

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