Securities Lawyers Seeking More Money, Information For Stockholders Of SeaBright, Inc. At Goldfarb LLP

Securities lawyers at Goldfarb LLP are investigating alleged violations of shareholder protection laws by officers and directors of SeaBright, Inc. (NYSE: SBX) in connection with a buyout for $11.11 per share to Enstar Group. Concerned SBX investors are encouraged to contact attorney Hamilton Lindley at 877-583-2855 or about their rights and remedies.

“At least one analyst has set a target price for the Company’s stock at $12.00. Our potential lawsuit will ascertain whether the company has been adequately and fairly shopped,” said Hamilton Lindley. “We’ll seek to ensure that all relevant information is disclosed so that shareholder interests are protected in terms of price and information.”

Goldfarb LLP lawyers have significant experience representing shareholders and whistleblowers in securities lawsuits nationwide. SBX stockholders – or anyone with knowledge about this acquisition – should contact lawyer Hamilton Lindley at or 877-583-2855 with questions or concerns.

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