Corporate Sponsors Litter Republican National Convention

TAMPA, Fla. ( TheStreet) -- While Democrats have been eager to scrub corporate evidence from their upcoming convention, Republicans have embraced the culture.

A simple peak around the Tampa Convention Center reveals a subtle smattering of corporate sponsors.

Google ( GOOG) has an entire media lounge next to the press filing center. The location offers coffee, colorful seating and various hubs that cast the search giant in a positive fashion. One television screen in the lounge offers up facts about how many jobs the company supports in the United States.

Google also blasts up a huge advertisement on the convention stage in between speeches by Republican officials -- the ad flashes its various brands like Google+, and YouTube.

Many other recognizable companies have joined Google as official sponsors of the convention.

The official guide lists Microsoft ( MSFT), AT&T ( T), Cisco ( CSCO), Hewlett-Packard ( HPQ), and Adobe Systems ( ADBE), among others.

The Tampa Bay host committee also notes various official providers, including Xerox ( XRX) and Coca-Cola ( KO).

At a first glance, Coca-Cola may elude obvious recognition. But convention goers who must dispose of recyclable products will notice that every recycling bin is shaped in the form of a massive 20-ounce Coca-Cola bottle wrapped in a red label. A tiny Coca-Cola Company logo appears at the bottom of the bin.

Observers will discover Xerox's presence at the print shop -- a large room that holds numerous Xerox copying machines and stacks of printer paper.

AT&T is probably the first corporate sponsor that Republican National Convention attendees come across. Every lanyard worn at the convention is a red, white and blue rope with the classic telecommunications logo emblazoned on its sides.

-- Written by Joe Deaux in Tampa, Fla.

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