In short, China's economy continues to expand near or at its maximum growth potential; while the decay of the West's already insolvent economies accelerates. Simply, no sane investor should move a nickel of their money from East to West until the West's hopelessly dysfunctional economies demonstrate some semblance of economic health by normalizing interest rates.

Conversely, as long as Western witch-doctors continue their suicidal near-zero "shock treatment," we know that the only possible outcome is a permanent depression -- as evidenced by Japan. And this multi-decade economic nightmare has absolutely no other goal than to rescue a criminal banking oligopoly criminal banking oligopoly from its own (well-deserved) bankruptcy.


While the banksters continue to arrogantly proclaim themselves "too big to fail," Iceland has already shattered that myth. It purged its economy of this totally parasitic oligopoly, with even the IMF forced to admit that this restored health to Iceland's economy. The Big Banks have booked us all seats on the "Titanic" -- solely to pay for their lifeboats.

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