Do People Really Know What

Despite the staggering variety of music available for listening online, a national survey of more than 1,000 showed that most Americans favor classic rock and pop music.

The Wakefield Research survey, commissioned by Citrix, which also asked about cloud computing literacy and habits, found that if listeners could access an artist’s collection via the cloud, most would choose legends such as: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson. But they haven’t completely let go of modern music – Eminem, Maroon 5 and Coldplay also made the Top 10 list.

Top 10 artists mentioned most in the survey include:

1. The Beatles

2. Rolling Stones

3. Michael Jackson

4. Bon Jovi

5. Pink Floyd

6. Bruce Springsteen

7. Eminem

8. Maroon 5

9. Led Zeppelin

10. Coldplay

Other Cloud Survey Fun Facts:
  • People work from home in the buff? There are many benefits to cloud computing you might not expect. Respondents said benefits include the ability to access work information from home in your “birthday suit” (40 percent) and tanning on the beach and accessing computing files at the same time (33 percent).
  • People don’t get cloud computing: A majority of Americans (54 percent) claim to never use cloud computing. Twenty-two percent admitted they pretended to know about the cloud when it came up in conversation.
  • But they still use the cloud: Ninety-five percent of respondents actually use cloud computing services, according to the poll, even if they don’t realize it. Fifty-eight percent use social networking sites like Facebook, more than 60 percent shop and bank online, and 29 percent store photos online; all of these are cloud-based services.
  • Weather Affects Cloud Computing: Most Americans are unsure about how the cloud works: 51 percent believe stormy weather would interfere with their cloud computing.

Quote: Kim DeCarlis, vice president of corporate marketing, Citrix:

“Many Americans still do not completely understand what cloud computing is yet they spend a good portion of their day benefiting from cloud services, whether it’s connecting with friends, downloading music or working from any location. As Americans continue to learn more about the cloud it will become an even greater driver of economic growth and innovation.”

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