"If you're unwaveringly loyal to your favorite store, you don't have to forsake them for a better deal. Instead, see if they have a price matching policy. Some stores will provide you with a retroactive credit when you show them a competitor's ad listing a lower price on the identical item," says consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch .

5. Be the second to 'open the box'

The major electronic stores usually have a section of the store devoted to "open-boxed" items -- which simply mean that someone returned the item, the box is opened and the store can't sell it as a new item anymore.

"These products have the same warranty as the new product -- perhaps another customer bought the item, but didn't like it. On average, you'll save 20%, though I've seen these items discounted as much as 40%," says Pavini.

6. Take a tax holiday

Take a look at your receipt the next time you make a purchase and unless you live in a state with no sales tax, you'll notice how substantially sales tax adds to the amount you spend.

That's why it's time to start looking for tax holidays.

"During the month of August, some states, like Texas and Florida, offer tax holidays on clothing and school supplies, and clothing items that cost under $100 each, you can purchase tax-free," advises Pavini.

Visit TaxAdmin.org to see if there are any upcoming tax holidays in your state.

Given the budget woes around the country, many states have cut back on these tax holidays, however, it's still worth checking to see if your state has a tax holiday coming up.

7. Get gift cards at a discount

You can purchase gift cards to major retailers...at a discount. Visit sites like GiftCardGranny.com to buy discounted gift cards for many retailers.

Examples include a 13%-off Macy's gift card and a 3%-off Target card.

8. Pack the brown paper bag with your own sandwich

There is a way to save money on school lunches -- it just requires a bit of planning and a little extra work.

Pavini suggests setting a weekly lunch menu based on sale items at the grocery store. Then, find coupons.

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