When asked to respond to the bears who have been calling for the company to focus on profits instead of revenue, Benioff said enterprise software is in the middle of a revolution, and it would be foolish to give up market share in order to focus on other metrics. He said the bears have been wrong in their research for quite some time when it comes to Salesforce.com.

Turning to the hot-button issue of social media, Benioff said that in his mind, social media is the future, which is why the company has made social media acquisitions and plans to roll out new social products at its next developer conference.

Cramer said that Salesforce.com continues to deliver, despite the bears predicting otherwise.

Sprint on the Line

In his second "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer welcomed Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint ( S), the nation's third-largest wireless carrier. Shares of Sprint have more than doubled since Cramer last spoke with Hesse in May.

Hesse said the first phase of Sprint's remarkable turnaround was focusing on customer service. The company has gone from last to first over the past four years and Sprint's learned that it's actually cheaper to offer better service, as the company is now spending half of what it was, he said.

Some of the other highlights of Sprint's turnaround plan included getting the iPhone, paring the company's two networks down to one and investing in LTE 4G, the next generation of high-speed wireless technology.

Hesse admitted that Sprint was late to the game with its 4G investment, but waiting allowed the company to add a high quality push-to-talk feature to its offerings that now gives them a competitive advantage. He said Sprint has been able to recapture 64% of the customers that were using its older Nextel network.

When asked about the iPhone, Hesse noted that carrying the iPhone has improved Sprint's overall satisfaction rate and the company's sales are ahead of plan so far. More important, over 40% of all iPhone customers are new to Sprint.

Cramer said investors may have missed Sprint at $2 a share, but that doesn't mean they've missed this company's terrific rebirth.

Lightening Round

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