Unlike many competitive solutions, which only support nightly data movement on-demand or in a user-defined window requiring manual intervention, the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series takes a much simpler approach – by using intelligent algorithms and autonomic data movement, rather than manual policy settings, RealStor improves operational efficiency. Data is prioritized and moved 100 percent automatically in real-time, enabling administrators to focus on other important tasks.

"We developed the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series to address the top storage issue in most data centers which is managing storage growth. This product is seriously smart storage, using real-time analysis and data movement to completely automate storage management. It is no longer sufficient to deliver a certain level of performance overall – IT managers need solutions that react to dynamic workload changes with respect to time, and locality of reference," said Jim Jonez, senior director of marketing, Dot Hill.

"We've engineered our midrange solution to tackle the challenges of hot spot applications, most commonly found in virtual server and Microsoft Exchange environments. When a web server, for example, experiences large volumes of activity based on the latest social trends, the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series can ensure the hot data is handled by the fast SSD drive tier. As the trend fades, a SAS tier houses warm data and as activity continues to decrease, cold data is moved to an inexpensive archive layer consisting of nearline SAS. All of this is done in real time, automatically and seamlessly, without intervention from administrators. This results in the most cost effective approach to the storage administrator's need for high performance and highly responsive storage. The simplicity of the Pro 5000 Series contributes to its overall return on investment by reducing administration time and allowing business to manage storage growth more effectively," Jonez continued.

Midrange Solution Expands Total Addressable Market

With more than 500,000 units shipped since 1984, Dot Hill is enhancing its strong global footprint in the entry level storage space and expanding into the midrange market. The powerful AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series software stack, known as RealStor, includes a variety of midrange features that allow Dot Hill to reach a much broader Total Addressable Market (TAM). According to IDC market sizing data, the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series is categorized in Midrange Storage Price Band 5, which increases Dot Hill's potential Total Addressable Market for 2013 from $4.0 billion to nearly $10.6 billion.

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