The AssuredSAN TM Pro 5000 Series with RealStor TM software takes tiered storage to a new level – beyond competitors' automated batch migration, and into a new era of autonomic, real-time data tiering. With RealStor, businesses gain the advantage of very high performance SSDs, using them to their maximum benefit, while storing less frequently accessed data on slower, but much less expensive hard disk drives.

Designed for the midrange market, the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series is a high-performance, highly available, fully integrated storage solution that delivers consistently faster access to current data with built-in, real-time, autonomic tiered storage and virtualization. The Pro 5000 Series detects priorities for data access within an organization to optimize the delivery of high priority/high demand data accordingly. Faster I/O is achieved in part through real-time, autonomic data tiering, which prioritizes data files, volumes or blocks between storage tiers using built-in analysis and data scoring.

Automated data tiering has long been established as a winning tactic to make storage much more efficient, helping organizations manage multiple workloads and optimize them according to demand. However, while competitive offerings typically move data in a batch migration process once a day after analyzing data needs – akin to navigating the road ahead while looking solely at a rear view mirror – the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series supports up to three tiers and delivers faster and more responsive storage by applying a real-time, proactive approach to successfully manage dynamic workloads.

In addition, the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series reinvents the way that storage is managed – eliminating the complexity of managing RAID levels, provisioning LUNs and other mundane management tasks. Using the disruptively simple web-based management console, IT managers can manage their storage pools simply and in real time. The simple, intuitive, yet powerful user interface brings reports, provisioning, replication, and health monitoring to the Storage Management Console for easy access, quick response, and system performance.

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