Buffalo Bills
Issue: Stadium renovations  

If you're a Buffalo Bills fan, what's your motivation for putting tax dollars into a proposed $200 million upgrade for Ralph Wilson Stadium?  

Is it the team's insistence that one "home" game a year be played in Toronto for each of the past four years? Is it 92-year-old owner Ralph Wilson's assertion that he can't guarantee the team's future in Buffalo, N.Y., after he dies? Is it the team's demand that fans fill 73,000-seat Ralph Wilson Stadium - which seats one-quarter of Buffalo's entire population -- in the dead of winter while the Chicago Bears need to draw fewer than 62,000 to sell out Soldier Field in a far larger market? Or is it the team's losing record since 1999?  

Maybe it's the Bills' refusal of NFL's offer to lift blackouts at 85% capacity because they didn't want to pay $90,000 per home game into the league's anti-blackout revenue pool. That decision already blacked out one preseason home game and has done little to assure hometown fans they won't be watching the Toronto Bills (T-Bills?) in a decade or so.

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