Curian Capital® Introduces Two Alternative-Focused Strategies

Curian Capital, LLC (, an asset management company that manufactures and distributes a comprehensive suite of investment strategies and asset management solutions to institutions, financial advisors and their clients, today announced the release of two new products designed to help advisors harness volatility in today’s marketplace. Dynamic Risk Advantage – Aggressive is an addition to Curian’s Dynamic Risk Advantage ® (DRA) series and Alternative Select is a strategy for investors looking to supplement a traditional stock-bond portfolio with diversified exposure to alternative asset classes and strategies.

“Market volatility has significantly increased over the past decade and as a result, investors are in need of new allocation strategies and a way to reduce asset correlation within their portfolios,” said Steve Young, Curian’s senior vice president of asset management and chief investment officer. “These two new strategies offer new ways to access more diversified portfolio options and address the challenges of today’s turbulent marketplace. Each of these new products reflects our ongoing commitment to providing investments that meet the diverse needs of institutions, advisors and their clients.”

DRA – Aggressive is the third strategy in the DRA series, a lineup of products that seeks to systematically manage risk and offer downside protection, while fulfilling three unique investment objectives. The DRA – Diversified strategy focuses on total return and DRA – Income seeks to generate total return and invests in securities that have the potential to produce income. The new DRA – Aggressive strategy expands the breadth and depth of the series, offering a higher concentration to equity and alternatives with a focus on capital appreciation. The built-in volatility component provides non-correlated diversification to existing asset allocations, protecting assets during down cycles while providing the potential opportunity for improved capital appreciation in up cycles.

Curian’s Alternative Select strategy is an alternative investment option, giving institutions, financial advisors and their clients a lower return correlation to traditional stock and bond portfolios, and the potential for better downside risk protection. The Alternative Select portfolios invest in various ETFs and open-end, actively managed mutual funds. The strategy offers three asset allocation models tailored to unique investor risk profiles – Conservative, Moderate and Growth. Each option provides a high exposure to alternative investments.

“The Curian Alternative Select Strategy offers new ways to access non-traditional asset classes for investors who want more diversified portfolios and better risk management as they pursue their long-term investment goals,” Young said. “Adding alternative investments to traditional stock-bond portfolios can enable investors to build resilient portfolios that are more flexible and less correlated to stocks and bonds.”

For more information about Curian’s Dynamic Risk Advantage – Aggressive or Alternative Select strategies, as well as the firm’s other available investment options, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and financial institutions can visit or contact the Curian Sales Desk at (877) 847-4192.

About Curian Capital

Curian Capital, LLC ( is an asset management company that manufactures and distributes a comprehensive suite of investment strategies and asset management solutions to institutions, financial advisors and their clients. The company has $9.1 billion in assets under management as of 6/30/12.

Curian Capital is an indirect subsidiary of Prudential plc (NYSE: PUK), a company incorporated and with its principal place of business in the United Kingdom. Prudential plc and its affiliated companies constitute one of the world's leading financial service groups. It provides insurance and financial services directly and through its subsidiaries and affiliates throughout the world. It has been in existence for more than 160 years and had more than $570 billion in assets under management as of 6/30/12. Prudential plc is not affiliated in any manner with Prudential Financial, Inc., a company whose principal place of business is in the United States of America.

Curian Capital, LLC acts as the Registered Investment Advisor for Curian Custom Style Portfolios. Curian Clearing LLC (member FINRA/SIPC) is the exclusive broker for these programs, for which it provides brokerage execution, processing and custody services. Investing in securities involves certain risks, including possible loss of principal.

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