Versant Addresses NoSQL Adoption Issues At The NoSQL Now! Conference

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Aug. 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Versant Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNT), a worldwide leader in developing data management software infrastructure for complex, mission-critical applications, today announced that Versant's Vice President of Technology, Robert Greene, will present at DATAVERSITY's NoSQL Now! conference about overcoming issues associated with NoSQL adoption. Taking place August 21-23, 2012 in San Jose, California, NoSQL Now! covers the dynamic field of NoSQL technologies, offering objective evaluation processes to match the right solution for the business challenge.

Robert's presentation will take place on Wednesday, August 22 during the Hadoop track. During the session, he will examine how a lack of standards-based programming techniques contribute to adoption problems with NoSQL technology, describing how better integrations with standards based API's like JPA can be used to overcome these hurdles allowing users to leverage the power of Hadoop's MapReduce without having to radically shift the programming paradigm. Robert's presentation will feature Big Data deployment examples from the utilities and energy management sectors, showing how things like consumer energy demand response analysis can be performed at high speed and scale using Hadoop and Java.

Additionally, at the show Versant will reveal a new whitepaper examining NoSQL in the enterprise, focusing on the core value delivered by early NoSQL technology and exploring implementation issues within the context of soft-schema development. Furthermore, Versant will unveil a recent set of PolePosition performance benchmark tests detailing how well Versant JPA for NoSQL and the Versant Object Database (VOD) perform compared to leading document stores. As the test results reveal, after extensive testing against several different database technologies, both NoSQL and relational, Versant's object-based technologies outperformed others in 8 out of 10 performance benchmarks.

"Big Data has the potential to have a hugely positive impact on businesses of all types and sizes, enabling them to capitalize on this influx of information for things like better customer care, streamlined procedures and deeper insight into business processes," said Versant's Vice President of Technology, Robert Greene. "NoSQL is viewed as one of Big Data's big saviors but has some problems when it comes to adoption, especially reliance on proprietary languages that can cause vendor lock-in. I'm excited to show attendees that by leveraging JPA with NoSQL they can more easily conquer Big Data in a coding language with which they're already familiar."

To learn more about Versant's solutions, including Versant JPA, Versant JPA for the Cloud, and Versant's Object Database, visit . To obtain a copy of Versant's NoSQL whitepaper visit the company's NoSQL Now! exhibition booth, #113.

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