I want to give a bit of an overview and then we’ll get into the specific topic presentations, but it’s hard to believe that less than four years ago we were $3.7 billion asset company with a market cap of $460 million, because of the franchise repositioning efforts we undertook prior to the financial downturn, the strength of our balance sheet and credit profile, we are well positioned to capitalize on some tremendous growth opportunities.

Today, we are $6.3 billion asset company with a market cap close to $1 billion. We have a much stronger presence in our metropolitan markets that we think leave us better positioned from a growth perspective. In the Cincinnati and Dayton markets and with a handful of others, and Indianapolis market, we are positioned as the largest community bank operating in these markets.

Above us are the money centers and the large regionals and below us much smaller community banks. This is the position we like and one that we think we can exploit to gain additional market share. Our mission statement focuses on building long-term client relationship. Throughout today’s presentation you will hear how we are fulfilling this mission and how in doing so we’ll drive asset, sales and revenue growth going forward.

This slide presents an overview of our business units and the services we provide to our clients and as you can see the operated straight forward community banking business model, with business lines consisting of commercial banking, retail banking and wealth management. These units are supported by seven functional areas that all contribute to the overall growth and strategic objectives of the business, while ensuring that we operate in a manner adhering to both the letter and the spirit of the many laws and regulations that apply to us.

Before our business unit leaders get into their presentations, I want to highlight a concept that will be new to those of you who follow First Financial. In our quarterly reporting of loan activity we differentiated between uncovered loans and loans covered under loss share agreements with the FDIC which is consistent with what has become the industry standard for companies like us, that have successfully participated in the FDIC auction process.

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