Engility Wins Single-Award Contract To Support The U.S. Army’s Korea Battle Simulation Center

Engility Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: EGL) today announced that it has received a contract to provide all personnel and services in support of mission command training for the U.S. Army’s Korea Battle Simulation Center (KBSC). The competitively solicited, single-award contract has a value of $69 million over four years, if all options are exercised.

Engility will provide personnel and services in support of the Korea Battle Simulation Center’s mission command training to include; exercise planning and execution, simulation and models training, subject matter expertise, over-the-shoulder training, technical support, communications, information assurance, C4ISR stimulation/simulation, battlefield visualization, opposing forces, after action reviews, exercise/event analysis and digital sustainment training.

“We are very proud to have the opportunity to work with the U.S. Army and the KBSC,” said Tony Smeraglinolo, President and CEO of Engility. “As a new, stand-alone company, this is an important achievement in Engility’s effort to be the best government services provider.

“The KBSC provides unique training capabilities and is a key component of the United States pacific engagement strategy and the United States/Republic of Korea strategic alliance. We are committed to supporting its mission to provide the force with a realistic, immersive and integrated training environment for full spectrum operations.”

About Engility Corporation

Engility is a pure-play Government Services contractor providing highly-skilled personnel wherever, whenever they are needed, in a cost effective manner. Headquartered in Chantilly, VA, Engility is a leading provider of systems engineering services, training, program management, and operational support for the U.S. government worldwide, with approximately more than 8,000 employees worldwide and projected sales of $1.6 billion for 2012.

To learn more about Engility, please visit the company's website at www.engilitycorp.com. You can also find on the website a copy of the company's Form 10 Registration Statement, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which contains detailed business and financial information regarding Engility.

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