Some of the other characteristics to keep in mind about ultracapacitors and some of the key differentiators compared to other energy storage devices, is that they’ve got a wide operational temperature range. So, when we look at some of the applications, you’ll note that these are very extreme operating environments. They do good down to negative 40C degrees and can function as high as 65C degrees.

They’re very highly efficient. You can get out 95% of what you put in. They’ve got very, very long life, up to millions of cycles. They’re very lightweight. If you get a chance after the presentation, you can come try this. This is our K2 Cell, 1,200 farad, very light in comparison to other energy storage devices and there’s no heavy metals. These devices are comprised of aluminum and carbon with a little bit of electrolyte.

So, the previous chart, we talked about the differences between ultracapacitors and batteries. And what this chart does is it shows how the battery – how an ultracapacitor can complement a battery. Upper left-hand corner of the chart shows the current and the voltage on a battery in a forklift application.

So, you can see there’s a lot of spikes on the current and the voltage in normal operation. The lower right-hand corner shows that same application paired with an ultracapacitor. And you can see that the ultracapacitor, it handles the spikes in the current and the voltage. Batteries don’t like those spikes. So, paired with an ultracapacitor, a battery will last much longer.

So, these are our current ultracapacitor cells. So, these are the cells that we make. In the upper left-hand corner are our K2 cells, and they range from 650 farad to 3,000 farad. These are high-volume products.

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