Daegis Streamlines EDiscovery For Lotus Notes At Faegre Baker Daniels

Daegis, a leading provider of eDiscovery software and services, announced today that Faegre Baker Daniels, a multi-national law firm serving Fortune 500 and middle market businesses, has selected the Daegis eDiscovery Platform to process Lotus Notes data as part of its eDiscovery practice. Daegis is the only eDiscovery company with the capability to process both email and non-email Lotus Notes files. By processing Lotus Notes files natively without having to first convert them to PST, Daegis enables Faegre Baker Daniels to review documents and produce TIFF images that more accurately reflect the original state of the document as it existed in the normal course of business, improving clarity and streamlining review.

“By leveraging Daegis’ proven technologies and methodologies for Lotus Notes, we can achieve significant eDiscovery efficiencies, which we can pass on to our clients,” said Deanna Blomquist, Group Leader, Client Technology Solutions at Faegre Baker Daniels. “Daegis’ ability to natively process and produce Lotus Notes files, as well as its integrated approach to handling non-email files, enables our firm to deliver a defensible, timely and cost effective solution to our clients.”

The Daegis eDiscovery Platform is the only solution on the market capable of processing non-email Lotus Notes files such as TeamRoom, Document Libraries or custom business applications. Daegis has developed unique tools and workflows which ensure non-email NSF files are processed accurately and defensibly. In addition to saving time and money for clients, Daegis helps mitigate risk by ensuring critical metadata and attachments are not lost or altered during ingestion, which can lead to delays in processing data.

“As the amount of electronically stored information continues to grow, businesses and their outside counsel are facing complex challenges around the processing, storage, and review of data collected from Lotus Notes, which remains a popular collaboration platform for email, calendaring and other business functions,” said Doug Stewart, Director of Technology at Daegis. “When eDiscovery involves data from customizable sources like Lotus Notes, it becomes even more important to streamline the eDiscovery process and keep down the costs associated with conversion while preventing against the loss or corruption of responsive information.”