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Samson Oil & Gas Limited (ASX: SSN; NYSE AMEX: SSN) provides details of a new acquisition and Samson’s presentation at the Enercom Conference in Denver.


Samson has executed a definitive agreement to participate in the exploration of an area within the Williston Basin. Pursuant to this agreement, Samson will acquire a 25% interest in 23,700 acres (net 5,925 acres) at a price of $266 per acre, with the payment of $1.58 million due at closing following normal due diligence on land title.

The exploration opportunity is a conventional oil project that is adjacent to existing production from Mississippian aged reservoirs. The specific location of the project will remain undisclosed.

Highlights of the transaction include:
  • The project covers 23,700 gross (5,925 net) acres prospective for conventional oil targets in the Williston Basin.
  • Low entry cost
  • Approximately 20 million barrels of oil potential, based on 2-D seismic.
  • 3-D seismic data acquisition survey and processing to high-grade new drilling prospects, to be acquired before end of 2012.
  • Drilling and completion cost estimated at $1.1 million per vertical well using conventional drilling and completion techniques.
  • Very attractive rates of return

Our partner has mapped several leads from 2-D seismic and well control which Samson presently estimates to contain a gross recoverable contingent volume of approximately 20 million barrels of oil. This estimate is based on the average production from analogous fields on trend of similar size having produced between 1 to 6 million barrels of oil each. These leads will be further defined using a 3-D seismic grid to be acquired later this year for which Samson is agreeing to fund 33.34% at an estimated net cost to Samson of $0.94 million.

“Leads” as used in this context is an industry term, in this case referring to a structural anomaly mapped by existing 2-D seismic that is as yet unproven (from a seismic structural point of view). It is expected that some of these “leads” will not mature into “Prospects” for exploratory drilling. However, it is also possible that the 3-D seismic will identify additional prospects outside of what has been currently identified on the existing 2-D seismic. Most of the targets depend on structural closure, some on stratigraphic closure, which will be defined (or not) using 3-D seismic. “Prospects” as used in this context is a seismically defined feature that has been proven closed by the 3-D seismic.

Following the acquisition, processing and interpretation of this 3-D seismic, Samson will contribute at its working interest of 25% to the subsequent drilling program, which will be operated by one of the other joint venture partners. The wells are expected to cost a gross $1.1 million (drill and complete) given the relatively shallow depth of the targets and that the wells will be drilled vertically. Samson’s net revenue interest will be 81% of its working interest.

The relatively low cost of developing these potential fields is a very attractive feature of this project in light of the recent weakness in the price of oil because the development wells in this project can be drilled for $1.1 million, which in turn means that the rate return is very attractive.

The project, whilst being non-operated for Samson, nevertheless plays to the company’s exceptional capability in generating prospects from 3-D seismic.


Samson will be presenting at Enercom’s Denver Conference on Monday August 13 th at 3:35PM MST USA, or Tuesday August 14 th at 7:35AM EST Australia. The presentation can be accessed from the link below or from Samson’s website.

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