National Instruments' CEO Hosts Analyst Day (Transcript)

National Instruments Corporation (NATI)

Analyst Day Call

August 07, 2012 11:30 pm ET


James Truchard - President & CEO

Alex Davern - CFO, COO, and EVP

Eric Starkloff - VP, Product Marketing System Platforms

Pete Zogas - SVP, Sales and Marketing




We can start now. I know we're running a little late. These exciting demos really took a bit, but that was really fantastic, wasn't it? To see all those incredible things folks are doing with our products and the new products there, vector signal transceiver. So, we remind you that there's risk associated with investment, including ours. But I'd like to share about our technology and the outlook for what we're doing, the core differentiators.

As an company, we've grown steadily and that's the goal of the company, to be a growth company, primarily organic growth. But we acquire companies from time to time. Last quarter, we've had $292 million in revenues. We sell to some 35,000 different companies across a very, very broad range of industries. We work hard to create -- National Instruments is a great company to work for. We've won awards all around the world, including a top award of one of the top 25 companies in the world to work for, something we're very proud of because one of the key assets of the company is the intellectual capacity of the staff. So that's a very important point.

Strong cash position, as we weathered through this previous downturn and in a position to stay strong financially. We work hard to enable innovation and make scientists and engineers more productive across the whole spectrum of science and engineering. Now our goal is to as we talked about in the keynotes abstract whenever possible, but still make it possible to dive down when needed to solve the detailed problems and enable reuse, create a platform-based approach.

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