In other words, yet another of the many benefits provided by a gold standard is economic sovereignty. With it, economic sovereignty is assured. Without it, we are at the mercy of a banking oligarchy that has committed more fraud by dollar value just in the last decade than throughout all of human history.

At the same time Western bankers are in the process of re-elevating gold to its rightful status as the ultimate monetary asset, they have been forced to steadily demote and devalue various forms of their own paper.

The absolute last thing the banking crime syndicate wants to do is erode confidence in the very paper instruments they use to commit their acts of fraud, such as the $350 trillion Libor fraud. So why are they doing this? The phrase "rats deserting a sinking ship" captures this dynamic quite nicely.

The banksters are decreeing that some of their paper is already worthless/near-worthless as an act of final desperation: acknowledging the worthlessness of some of this paper in order to avoid having the sheep collectively realize that all of their paper is totally worthless.

Every day, with their own words and deeds, it is the bankers themselves who imply that all the paper they are flogging is worthless. When they literally give it away by the $trillion to other bankers (with their 0% interest rates), this directly implies their paper is worthless.

When they place bets in their own casino exceeding 20 times the size of the entire global economy, this directly implies that the bankers are playing with play-money.

But they don't want us to realize their paper is worthless, because then all that paper and their entire empire of fraud simply disappears.

This ultimately leads us back to the beginning: What caused these bankers to decree that Greek bonds were worthless, and that Greece was (effectively) bankrupt back on July 20?

Obviously, we did not see another Greek bond default within days of this announcement. In the case of the declaration the ECB made that Greek bonds were worthless back on Feb. 28 of this year, it was doing no more than confirming the obvious.