Why the Apple-Google War Is Good for Humanity

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- If you value sunrises, the four seasons and the Earth remaining on its axis, then you need to hope the venom that exists between tech giants Apple ( AAPL) and Google ( GOOG) never goes away.

Their mutual hatred is not only good for consumers, but it's also good for humanity. These two, by virtue of their reciprocated vile, will continue to build products that make life more pleasant to live, even if it means killing each other to do it.

In a strategically shrewd move, Apple seems poised to hurt the effectiveness of Google's YouTube after it was discovered that the popular app was left off Apple's recent trial version of its mobile IOS6.

When developers got hold of the fourth beta of IOS6 on Monday, the once-standard app was noticeably absent. But it should not have come as a surprise.

Tensions between the two companies started to escalate when Apple ditched Google maps in favor of its own in-house mapping app, which is due out when IOS6 fully launches. What's more, Apple then decided to integrate Google's chief social media rival, Facebook ( FB), into its future IOS versions. This reinforces why I have always considered Apple a company that is shrewd and offers no apologies.

Clearly the company has a chip on its shoulder and seems intent on letting Google feel every bit of it. The fact of the matter is, Apple remembers that it was the punching bag at one point to Microsoft ( MSFT) during some of its darkest periods, one that almost sent it to bankruptcy. Today it appears committed to showing no mercy to rivals of the past and present.

Apple continues to force its competitors to keep up in markets where they are not as skilled while it's widening its lead. As these companies try to play catchup, Apple also understands they will never have the time to devote the necessary attention towards looking beyond what Apple is doing.

What I'm realizing is that as we continue to applaud Apple for its brilliance in creativity and becoming an endless well of exceptional growth, Wall Street often overlooks and underestimates the company for having mastered the art of war - or in this case, the art of competition.

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