Quest Software Delivers Enhanced Support For NetApp With NetVault Backup

Quest Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: QSFT):

Enterprises are increasingly looking to minimize the impact of backup on their day-to-day operations, and decrease their storage footprint. Responding directly to this need, Quest Software announced today that NetVault® Backup, the company’s flagship enterprise data protection product, now supports block-level incremental backups for NetApp SnapMirror technology, enabling customers to create fast, efficient backups that consume significantly less storage space.

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News Facts:
  • With the newest release of its NetVault Backup plug-in for SnapMirror-to-Tape, Quest Software is the first vendor to exploit NetApp’s block-level incremental backup functionality for SnapMirror, enabling users to perform incremental backups of selected volumes or snapshots and store them on tape.
    • With NetVault Backup, NetApp customers now only need to back up the block-level changes since their last full or incremental backup. As a result, backups are much faster and consume considerably less storage space.
  • This new capability enhances Quest’s already robust support for NetApp storage arrays. NetVault Backup supports the full range of NetApp technologies, including SnapVault Manager, Snapshot Manager and SnapMirror.
    • NetVault Backup is tightly integrated with NetApp technologies, centralizing management of all data protection tasks into one easy-to-use interface. This reduces the complexity of managing snapshot lifecycle’s on multiple filers, SnapVault relationships and SnapMirror operations for disaster recovery.
    • Working in conjunction with NetApp’s SnapMirror technology, NetVault Backup enables volumes to be mirrored and efficiently backed up to tape, freeing up valuable disk space, and making it easy to send data offsite for long term data retention and disaster recovery purposes.
    • NetVault Backup supports block-level incremental backups for SnapMirror on NetApp storage platforms running NetApp Data ONTAP 8.1.1 and later.

Supporting Quotes:

John Maxwell, vice president, product management, Data Protection, Quest Software

“NetVault Backup offers extensive support for a wide range of platforms, applications and storage devices. Quest and NetApp have collaborated on joint development for many years to deliver best-of-breed technology for protecting NetApp appliances. NetVault Backup was one of the first backup solutions to offer SnapMirror-to-Tape support, and now we’re proud to be the first vendor to support the product’s block-level incremental backup functionality, as well.”

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