Abrasives line by Ali Industries, Inc.:

The Barrett-Jackson Premium Abrasives line by Ali Industries offers a full range of abrasives ranging from 40 to 3000 grit for every grinding, sanding, finishing and feathering need. Ali Industries incorporates their exclusive G2™ technology which provides razor sharp fast-cutting grain, plastic film backing for tear resistance, anti-clog coating to resist material loading, and an advanced resin coating to ensure maximum grain adhesion; all attributing to 4X longer life than commonly found abrasives in retailers today. Products are available as VELCRO ® and stick-on PSA (Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive) film discs in six-inch diameters and 5.5 x 9-inch waterproof abrasive sheets. Coupled with the available body files and a variety of other accessories, the Barrett-Jackson Premium Abrasives line ensures a professional finish.

Primer, paint and clear coats by Sherwin-Williams ® Automotive Finishes:

Sherwin-Williams ® created a unique four-step process for this new Restoration System that includes prep products, primer kits, color paint kits, and an optional clear coat kit. From body prep to the application of primer, color and then optional clear coat finishing, each of the four kits are very specific in nature and provide the consumer with the tools and products to make each step in the restoration process easy to follow. Each kit contains all of the tools required to mix and prepare your primer, color or clear coat for spraying which simplifies the paint purchase process. The Barrett-Jackson Restoration System allows automotive enthusiasts to achieve a professional quality paint finish for under $500.

Signature car care line by Farecla:

After body prep and paint work the next most important step is keeping that new car shine. Barrett-Jackson’s Signature Car Care Line – which is also presented in a four-step process – includes all the products necessary to restore and protect and repair the finish of a vehicle to award-winning condition.

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