Then they can enjoy the freedom that our great land offers in terms of human target practice. They can act locally or think big. Hey, this is America! Opportunities await across the land. If they really want to make Anderson Cooper hyperventilate, all they have to do is rent a car, drive through the Lincoln Tunnel, park at one of our convenient garages located throughout the city, and make use of the world-famous New York City subway system, preferably at rush hour.

Or head into a crowded street or neighborhood, or church or synagogue or school.

Or they could take the No. 2 train downtown and get off at Wall Street. Or head out to Washington, D.C. The only thing that limits them is their imagination -- certainly not our insanely permissive gun laws. Thanks to them, all it takes is one American citizen to buy all the assault weapons and semi-automatic pistols needed to wreak havoc on our streets.

I presume that our well-trained police would react faster than the police in Mumbai during the 2008 attacks, but the results could be just as deadly.

If the attack is planned carefully enough, the terrorists could wreak havoc that would make the Colorado and Sikh temple shootings seem modest by comparison. The legal body armor and bullet-proof vests that they'd be wearing would make all the difference, as it did in the North Hollywood shootout of 1997, when heavily armed bank robbers, wearing body armor, shot 18 people, including 11 cops.

I don't know why al Qaeda or some other foreign terror group hasn't taken advantage of our insane gun-control laws. No, wait a second -- strike that. They have. An al Qaeda member who was a naturalized U.S. citizen, Wadih el-Hage, legally bought the gun that was used by El Sayyid Nosair to kill Meir Kahane in 1990. Both are now serving prison terms.

So the terrorists, foreign and domestic, know just what to do. We've made it so easy for them, it seems silly for them not to try. It's an obscenity waiting to happen, and if and when a major terrorist episode explodes in a major city, we'll have no one to blame but ourselves, for tolerating an insane policy of firearm self-regulation.

Gary Weiss' most recent book is AYN RAND NATION: The Hidden Struggle for America's Soul, published by St. Martin's Press.

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