Hooters' New Plan: Attract Women

By Neal Colgrass, Newser Staff

Never fear, Hooters fans: The so-called "breastaurant" doesn't plan to finally clothe its waitresses. But the chain's revitalization project does include renovating restaurants, updating the menu, and attracting an unexpected new customer ... women.

Why the upgrade? Because Hooters has been closing restaurants and losing revenue, thanks to competitors like Tilted Kilt and Twin Peaks, TIME reports.

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So far, Hooters has hired the creator of HBO's Eastbound & Down to hit us with new TV spots featuring football analyst Jon Gruden. And its new menu includes salads, burgers, and an "expanded" chicken wing line; ethnic-style foods may even be offered.

Attracting women and Millenials, though, is another story. As one analyst put it, "How do you appeal to a new generation without pissing off the generation that's coming in the doors?"

--Written by Neal Colgrass of Newser