Rofin-Sinar Technologies' CEO Discusses F3Q12 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Rofin-Sinar Technologies, Inc. (RSTI)

F3Q12 Earnings Call

August 2, 2012 11:00 AM ET


Günther Braun – President and CEO

Ingrid Mittelstädt – EVP, CFO and Treasurer


Patrick Newton – Stifel Nicolaus

Mark Douglass – Longbow Research

Jagadish Iyer – Piper Jaffray

Mark Miller – Noble Financial



Welcome to Rofin-Sinar’s 2012 Third Quarter Financial Results Teleconference. Today’s call is hosted by Mr. Günther Braun, Chief Executive Officer; and Ms. Ingrid Mittelstädt, Chief Financial Officer.

Following management’s comments, you will have the opportunity ask questions. Please go ahead.

Günther Braun

Thank you. Good morning or good afternoon to everyone. I’m here in Plymouth, Michigan together with our CFO, Ingrid Mittelstädt. I hope you all got the press release containing our third quarter results. We will give you some comments about our business and performance and then we will open it up for questions.

Now, before we start, we would like to make the usual statement about the information you are getting in this conference call. Safe Harbor statement. Our discussions may include projections, estimates or other information that may be considered forward-looking. While these forward-looking statements represent our best current judgments on what the future holds, they are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. Throughout our discussions, we will attempt to discuss important factors relating to our business that may affect our prediction. You may also want to review our last 10-Q and 10-K filing for a more complete disclosure of financial risks.

Now, let me start. As we mentioned in our press release, the first quarter was influenced by the uncertain economic environment which we currently face. Traditional laser technologies were impacted by this development, even stronger than latest technology fiber laser. In general, business is somewhat shaky. There is no clear direction to the positive or negative side.

Now, let me go with the standard of the review for the quarter ending June 30, 2012. And as you’ve seen from our press release, we delivered sales in the third quarter of $131.7 million, which is within our guidance, but $23.3 million or 15% lower than in the comparable quarter in fiscal year 2011.

Ingrid will tell you the currency impact on our third quarter sales numbers later and I think you will be surprised how high the number is. Sales in our Micro/Marking business mainly reflect excellent business with the semiconductor, flex tech and automotive industry when comparing to last year’s third quarter, where the consumer electronic industry was one of the highlights. Net sales decreased 19% over the comparable periods to $61.9 million or $47 million of our overall sales.

Sales in our Macro business decreased 16% to $53 million comparing to the third quarter of fiscal year 2011. And this is mainly caused by the lower demands from the machine tool industry in China from our OEMs. Macro business contributed 40% to quarterly sales. Our Component business increased by 11% to $16.8 million, representing 13% of quarterly sales. And I have to comment that the laser diode product had a really strong quarter again.

Here are other statistics where the geographical split sales to Asian countries decreased by 24% to $43 million and resulted in 33% of quarterly sales. The strongest countries this time were China, Taiwan and South Korea. And our Chinese business contributed 17% to quarter sales. North America increased 18% and contributed $32 million or 24% of quarterly sales, supported this time by the automotive medical device industry as well as Marking applications and I mentioned already the Component business.

Europe was responsible for the remaining 43% of the quarterly sales. Sales decreased 20% to $56.7 million comparing to last year’s third quarter and there is no specific industry responsible for the reduced sales. Then our spare parts and service business decreased by 2% or $800,000 and accounted for approximately 28% of net sales for the quarter. I would say it’s a very stable business and demonstrates stable utilization of equipment in the factories.

Some other statistics, breakdown of our quarterly laser sales by industry. Automotive 11% within the quarter versus 8% last year in 2011. Machine tool 37%, last year 39%. Semi electronics 24% this year and 27% in 2011. 2011 very strong consumer electronic industry by the way. And others 28% this time versus 26% in 2011.

During the quarter, we shipped a total of 1,068 lasers versus 1,264 lasers, approximately 16% less compared to last year’s third quarter. 437 versus 549 units were for Macro applications and 631 versus 715 units were for Marking and Micro applications.

Now, let me hand it over to Ingrid, who will further comment on the financials.

Ingrid Mittelstädt

Thanks, Günther. Good morning and good afternoon to everyone. Our quarterly revenue of $131.7 million were in line with our projected guidance even under the impact of the strong U.S. dollar that reduced our quarterly sales by an amount between US$8.5 million and US$9 million. On a sequential basis, gross profit remained stable at 37.5% of total sales. Compared to the third quarter of last fiscal year, gross profit decreased to 37.5% coming from 39.2% last year, mainly due to lower absorption of fixed costs due to the lower level of business and favorable product mix and 2% lower service on spare parts revenue.

SG&A including intangibles, amortization for the quarter represented 19.6% of net sales the third quarter of fiscal year 2012 compared to 19% in the corresponding period of last year. In absolute figures, the SG&A decreased by $3.5 million to $25.3 million in the quarter. The decrease in SG&A expenses is mainly a result of lower label cost as well as lower commissions and exhibition expenses. Additionally, you have seen that the intangible amortization decreased by $0.1 million compared to Q3 2011.

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