While the market is strong, we remain watchful of the global economic environment. Thus, we are closely managing our capital spend to support these increasing demands for our products.

Now let's talk about some of the specific accomplishments across the business during the quarter, beginning on Slide 3.

Fuselage Systems delivered strong operating margins of 15% on $627 million in revenue during the second quarter as we recovered the deliveries lost during the severe weather within the quarter and volumes across our core programs increased.

During the quarter, the Fuselage team continued to make progress on the A350 program in both our North Carolina composite fuselage facility and our Saint-Nazaire assembly facility. The Fuselage segment 737 high-rate production line surged to recover lost deliveries, delivering its 4,100th ship set of the Next Generation fuselage in the quarter.

Fuselage team also continued production on the 747-8 program by delivering the 52nd fuselage. The 787 team continued to support our customer by increasing deliveries in the quarter to 11, including the forward [ph] fuselage #75.

We continue to see progress as the joint Boeing and Spirit teams remained focused on identifying and implementing cost improvements across the 787 program in value engineering, supply chain architecture and production flow.

While we are still early in the planning stages for the 737 MAX, we are pleased with the evolution of this derivative product and the plan to use our Spirit Exact process to smoothly transition the efficient, high-quality NG production line to the MAX.

On Slide 4, you see the Propulsion team delivered strong operating performance with margins of 16% on $351 million in revenue as we recovered the deliveries lost during the severe weather within the quarter. The volumes across the core programs increased.

The Propulsion team also recovered from lost deliveries by surging rates to deliver the 4,100th Next Generation 737 engine pylon sets and thrust reversers in the quarter. The segment's 787 team also supported our customer by delivering engine pylons from unit #76 in the quarter.

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