Polaris Industries' CEO Hosts Analyst And Investor Meeting (Transcript)

Polaris Industries Inc. (PII)

2012 Analyst and Investor Meeting Call

July 31, 2012 10:00 AM ET


Scott Wine – CEO

Bennett Morgan – President and COO

Michael Malone – VP-Finance and CFO

Richard Edwards – Director of IR

Matt Homan – VP, Europe, Middle East, Africa

Mike Dougherty – VP, Asia Pacific, Latin America

Suresh Krishna – VP, Global Operations & Integration

Steve Kemp – Chief Technical Officer

Scott Swenson – VP, Small Vehicles

Steve Eastman – VP, Parts, Garments & Accessories

Steve Menneto – VP, Motorcycles

Dave Longren – VP, ORV & ORV Engineering

Mike Jonikas – VP, Snowmobiles, Sales & Marketing


Richard Edwards

If we could get everybody to have a seat, we’re going to get started in a few minutes. Okay, let’s get going, so we can try and stay on schedule. First of all, I just want to thank everyone for coming to our Analyst Investor Meeting. We know it takes a little bit of time to travel, a couple of days and be away from the office, and it’s a kind of busy earnings season. So we certainly do appreciate you spending some time with us yesterday and today.

So today we’re – this morning here we’re going to have a number of presentations. You’ll get an opportunity to listen to some of the operating guys and then ask some questions after their presentations. I would ask that you kind of hold your questions until the end of each presentation, so let each of the presenters kind of get through their presentations and then we’ll have some time after each of the presenter’s presentations – for you an opportunity to ask some questions. So kind of write your questions down and hold them until the end of the presentation.

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