Fourth, pleased to announce a major win at Telefonica, where we are beginning our deployment of cloud-based content management solutions in their home market of Spain.

And finally, our work and efforts with Vodafone in Germany has led to expanding our activation platform to support additional business units and markets at Vodafone.

Now in recent years, we've invested heavily to deliver the industry's first cloud-based platform, to deliver these content manages services for carriers and to stake out a leadership position on a global scale in front of the growing demand of powerful industry drivers such as mobile, social and cloud. Evidence that our strategy is working has never been more clear than our announcements today.

As we look to the future, we expect to continue to be strong adoption and proliferation of vertical cloud offerings from the device providers themselves and those operating system vendors where their subscribers can perform and access services over the air such as synchronization, backup and restore, uploading and downloading of videos, pictures and other user-generated content. But the key thing to keep in mind is that all these services are confined within a homogeneous and operating environment and are tightly tied to each OEM's operating system.

However, consumers will look for choices in a strong need for an independent cloud service that is interoperable across OS platforms, whether it be iOS, Android, Symbian, RIM, J2ME and devices such as smartphones and tablets and emerging connected devices such as smart TVs, cameras and home automation systems.

Now the iCloud has been tremendous for the overall industry in raising awareness and comfort levels associated with the consumer use of the cloud. And the iPhone and iPad are widely successful product offerings that we benefit to from as well. However, Android currently has the #1 market share in mobile and Windows 8 may become yet another viable competitor. And at the pace of innovation and proliferation of mobile devices, it is not going to slow any time soon. The bottom line is that we're in a heterogeneous world, and the carriers will have a strong play to provide a broad range of cloud services that are connected across the device providers and OS platforms that run on their networks.

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