Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: VTSS), a leading provider of advanced IC solutions for Carrier and Enterprise networks, extended its family of low power, multi-protocol, adaptive retimers with the VSC7227 signal conditioner. Supporting data rates from 155 Mbps to 14.1 Gbps and adaptive equalization on each channel with no requirement for firmware, the VSC7227 is the lowest power 12-channel solution available. Dissipating only 150 mW per channel, the VSC7227 delivers an average power savings of 25% over competitive solutions and is targeted for use in network equipment supporting next-generation protocols such as 10G/40G/100G Ethernet, InfiniBand FDR and 16G Fibre Channel.

“Vitesse continues to build on its years of experience in solving critical signal integrity challenges with devices like the VSC7227, which allow for seamless channel extension and higher data rate migration in networking equipment,” said Aditi Vaghashia, product marketing manager at Vitesse. “Vitesse’s connectivity solutions are broadly deployed for their flexibility and superior signaling capabilities. The VSC7227’s multi-rate support, ease of use, power savings and flexibility enables our customers to deliver higher performance solutions at lower cost and power.”

The VSC7227 supports advanced data center features by allowing protection switching options using common Enterprise protocols such as Ethernet, OTN, InfiniBand, and Fibre Channel. The device can support standard or proprietary redundancy switching methods through the integration of a 2 x 2 crosspoint switch on each adjacent channel. The VSC7227’s use of a single 1.2V power supply simplifies rack switch and router designs for data centers. Delivering fully adaptive equalization on each channel to compensate for loss and combat reflections and crosstalk, the VSC7227 also allows for 33% reduction in BOM costs through features such as a pin-strapping mode, allowing use of the device without a microprocessor, and through integration of AC-coupling capacitors on input channels.

The VSC7227 uses Vitesse’s proven FlexEQ™ adaptive algorithms, giving designers the choice of automatic equalization or programmed input EQ and output de-emphasis. The input equalizer can compensate for more than 30 dB of loss at 14.1 Gbps, while the three-tap FIR output driver provides 18 dB of de-emphasis at that data rate. These performance characteristics translate into practical cost-saving benefits, such as the ability to close a link across 65 inches of FR4 board trace & 20 meters of 24 AWG QSFP copper cable. To facilitate diagnostics, the VSC7227 also integrates VScope™, Vitesse’s embedded waveform technology to provide eye diagram information for signals presented to the receiver. Complementary product offerings include Vitesse’s VSC7224, a multi-protocol, adaptive quad channel extender.

Product Packaging and Availability

The VSC7227 is implemented in mass production CMOS technology, and packaged in a 13 x 13 mm BGA. It is sampling immediately. More device information is available at:

FlexEQ and VScope: World-Class Signal Integrity

Vitesse was first to introduce integrated signal equalization in crosspoints switches and now has over a decade of successful product developments and dozens of products in production. FlexEQ adaptive equalization technology reduces the cost of transmission by allowing signals to travel farther, faster, and error free in challenging fiber and copper applications. VScope embedded waveform technology allows confirmation of signal quality and system operation up to the SFP+ connector along with a full suite of BIST functions. These capabilities accelerate the diagnostic and troubleshooting phase of new system design, allowing OEMs to bring their products to market quickly. Learn more at and

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