Now, I'd like to turn the call over our CEO, Cavan Redmond.

Cavan Redmond

Thank you Risa and thank you for those of who joined us on the line. We hosted our annual meeting of stockholders last week where I made a brief presentation. I wanted to highlight many of those points here today. I joined WebMD as CO in early June even in the face of declining revenues and significant challenges. I did this because (audio gap) it is the most trusted and creditable brand of health information. Standing at the cross roads of patient, physician and consumer engagement in a healthcare decision-making environment. From a brand point of view, I believe this is a unique position to be in. When I look at many stakeholders in the healthcare industry and a radically changing market environment, I strongly believe there is an additional opportunities that WebMD can capitalize upon in the future.

What I found in my first weeks as a CEO is that the core assets of WebMD brand which drives our user model or even stronger than I expected. The combination of WebMD and Medscape provide the foundation for broad reach, high quality traffic that can be monetized.

WebMD is the go-to brand for millions of consumers and patients for seeking information for a purpose. To gain greater insights into their health to make informed decisions about their lives and those that they care about, not casually browsing the internet but searching with a sense of purpose in order to find actionable health along this information from a credible and trustworthy source.

For example, a mother who will visit WebMD to make health related decisions for herself and then return as a health decision maker for her spouse, her children and often her parents. When she is utilizing our Baby app to organize and personalize the information needed for her child by leaving the pediatricians office and diving deeper into the info on WebMD’s health and baby on her desktop back home. WebMD allows her and millions of consumers to significantly engage in health and wellness information where, how and when they want it.

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