At this time, I would like to turn the call over to Nick for his formal remarks, after which we will open the call up for questions.

Nick DeBenedictis

Thank you, Brian, and good morning, everyone. Pleased to report another solid quarter with GAAP EPS up 11% at 30 versus 27 last year, we experienced strong revenue growth of 11% in this quarter broken down 5% of that’s from rates, 4% from acquisitions, the fact that the Ohio purchase and the Texas purchase last year were up against less the robust results from the other states that we used to have.

And also seven new smaller acquisitions. And the remaining 2% from better than expected weather chiefly in the Mid West. But the main story of this solid financial performance in the quarter, I believe is execution, execution, execution. Thanks for just clicking.

Our operating expenses from continuing ops and interest expenses were both flat, and that allowed the GAAP earnings on a continuing basis to actually go up even faster 30 versus 26 or 15% increase in EPS.

On the interest front, financing we held onto our coveted A+ rating in Pennsylvania, which makes us one of the higher rank utilities by S&P. And that’s allowing us to borrow at unprecedented low rates, we did $50 million in May a 15 year note for 3.57.

We have about 55% of our $300 million revolver used, so we still have quite a bit of space on it, and we’re averaging 1% a year on that borrowing. And we have – we already took out this year a $5 million issue at 9%, who can remember 9% money that was 30 years ago, I guess and $25 million that is 6%. And we have over $100 million in tax freeze ranging from 4.5 to 5.5 that we plan to call in the second half there after 10 year time period.

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