The best way to think of online game developer Zynga ( ZNGA) is that it's a sort of high-beta Facebook ( FB). In other words, any moves Facebook makes, Zynga makes too - just bigger. And since FB isn't exactly a stable stock itself, that's a scary thought. But Zynga's most recent price action is even worse than the norm.

Zynga slashed its outlook for the year late last week, sparking an exodus in shares that sent the stock down 41% in the last few market sessions. If you think the worst is over, don't. Statistically, it's likely that Zynga is going to continue to move lower.

That's because shares gapped down on the news. Yes, it's really as simple as that. According to research by market technicians Julie Dahlquist and Richard Bauer, downward gaps are shortable in the short-term.

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While what Zynga does longer-term remains to be seen (in the long-term, gap downs often make up for lost ground), investors who don't want to keep getting hammered by this stock should look to sell.

For another take on Zynga, it shows up on recent lists of 3 Internet Stocks Ready to Move Higher and 4 Stocks That Could Burn Short-Sellers.

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