Medals For Winners Of The Wipro San Francisco Marathon 2012 (Photo: Business Wire)

“The Wipro San Francisco Marathon” (TWSFM) was run Sunday, July 29 th, 2012 and culminated with the winners taking home the spoils.
Medals for Winners of The Wipro San Francisco Marathon 2012 (Photo: Business Wire)

Medals for Winners of The Wipro San Francisco Marathon 2012 (Photo: Business Wire)

Nathan Krah and Devon Crosby-Helms were the winners of The 2012 Wipro San Francisco Marathon. Krah, a 26-year-old resident of Salt Lake City, completed the hilly 26.2-mile course in 2:26:45, while Crosby-Helms’ winning time was 2:44:05. Both athletes claimed a prize purse of $1,500.

Crosby-Helms, a resident of San Anselmo in Marin County and founder of Fast Foodie, a personal chef service, competed in the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials in January and finished third in last year’s San Francisco Marathon.

After his win, Krah, a Ph.D candidate in human genetics at the University of Utah said, “Even coming from a mountainous area, this was still really hard. It was just an endless assault of hills.” Crosby-Helms said of her victory, “That was extremely satisfying. This was my third time racing here, and I really felt I had a good chance to win.”

The Wipro San Francisco Marathon this year drew more than 7,000 runners, a marked increase from the 4,000 who finished in 2006. Another 18,000 runners participated in the race’s two separate half marathons, as well as a 5K and Munchkins Kids Fun Run. That total reflects a new record participation figure for the race.

The 25,000 total runners bring a significant economic benefit to San Francisco and its immediate area, according to a recently-released economic impact study commissioned by the race. According to 2010 participant data, the randomized study found an estimated $38,000,000 in direct economic impact, from participant spending in such areas as lodging, shopping, food and beverages, entertainment and attractions and local travel.

Thirty-eight hardy runners took part in the first-annual “Worth The Hurt” double-marathon, departing the start/finish line on San Francisco’s Embarcadero at midnight Sunday to run the course in reverse. After running much of the night, those runners then turned around, and ran the regular course with the rest of the marathon field for a total distance on the day of 52.4 miles.

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