Announcement Of Financial Results: Panasonic Reports First-Quarter Results

Panasonic Corporation (Panasonic)(NYSE:PC)(TOKYO:6752) today reported its consolidated financial results for the first quarter, ended June 30, 2012, of the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2013 (fiscal 2013).

Consolidated First-quarter Results

Consolidated group sales for the first quarter decreased by 6% to 1,814.5 billion yen due mainly to weak demand for AV products in Japan, compared with 1,929.5 billion yen for the first quarter of the year ended March 31, 2012 (fiscal 2012). Of the consolidated group total, domestic sales amounted to 922.1 billion yen, down by 5% from 967.6 billion yen a year ago. Overseas sales decreased by 7% to 892.4 billion yen from 961.9 billion yen a year ago.

During the first quarter under review, the Japanese market showed a slow recovery with an increasing number of housing starts due to growing reconstruction demand following the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the government's eco-housing subsidy. Another factor is automobile sales growth thanks to the eco-car subsidy. However, the home electronics market, especially flat-panel TVs, continued to be very difficult.

In the meantime, the global economy as a whole slowed down caused by the economic turmoil re-triggered by the European financial crisis, despite signs of economic recovery in some regions.

Under such business circumstances, Panasonic has been working towards establishing new profit-making business models and recovering business performance with the united efforts of all Panasonic under the new business structure which enables the company to strengthen a more direct relationship with consumers globally.

Operating profit 1 increased to 38.6 billion yen from 5.6 billion yen a year ago, while pre-tax income and net income attributable to Panasonic Corporation increased to 37.8 billion yen and 12.8 billion yen from a loss of 17.4 billion yen and a loss of 30.4 billion yen, respectively. Despite sales decline and yen appreciation, these results were due mainly to fixed cost reductions and streamlining of material costs.

1 For information about operating profit, see Note 2 of the Notes to consolidated financial statements.

Breakdown by Segment

The company restructured its Group organization on January 1, 2012, resulting in the reportable number of segments from six to eight. Accordingly, segment information for the first quarter of fiscal 2012 has been reclassified to conform to the presentation for the same period of fiscal 2013.

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