There is no other possible exception to the principle of dilution: The only good that would not automatically decline in value as it is being diluted is a good which was already worthless before the dilution commenced.

This brings us back to the bankers' paper currencies. Who is it that insisted these paper currencies ever had any value to begin with? The bankers. Who is it that leads the media choir in talking about these paper currencies "rising in value"? The bankers.

When it comes to the near-comatose drones in the mainstream media (and their "experts"), it's not too difficult to believe they simply don't understand that these paper currencies were worthless to begin with.

However, when it comes to the bankers who created these paper currencies, it becomes much more difficult to believe these charlatans haven't known all along that they have been peddling worthless paper to the masses (as fuel for their infinite acts of fraud).

Is there any other evidence that implicitly demonstrates these bankers consider their own paper currencies to be worthless? Plenty. Let's start with 0% interest rates in the U.S., where the Federal Reserve has literally given away for free $trillions in freshly printed greenbacks -- all to the Wall Street crime syndicate.

When you give something away for free year after year after year (in incomprehensibly huge quantities), the obvious implication is that what you are giving away is worthless.

Then there is the insatiable gambling of the bankster crime syndicate. Any normal person, while dabbling in some occasional gambling, is very reluctant to place any large wagers -- especially if such a bet were at long odds. Even a billionaire would be unlikely to ever wager $1 million in a single bet, despite that amount representing only 0.1% of the billionaire's wealth. Then we have the bankers.

All "derivatives" are literally nothing but bets. The derivatives market is simply the world's largest (rigged) casino . Presently, that mountain of bets amounts to somewhere in excess of twenty times total global GDP. We don't know how much in excess because the bankers changed their "definition" of this market a couple of years ago in order to obscure the true quantum of their gambling.