But before I jump into the second quarter, I'd like to take a moment just to update you on some recent announcement and management changes here on the finance and regulatory team as we continue to build and sustain just an outstanding finance and regulatory group.

Effective September 1, Peter Oleksiak has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Finance, and he'll have responsibility for the controller's organization and treasury, which includes Investor Relations. Nick, who has been our Treasurer for over 11 years now, will assume the role of Vice President of Regulatory Affairs. And Dan Brudzynski, who is currently in the regulatory role will replace Nick as Vice President and Treasurer, and Dan will also have Investor Relations reporting to him. So Nick and Dan are effectively trading places.

With these changes, this marks the last quarterly earnings call for Nick in the Treasurer's office and I want to take a moment to express my appreciation to Nick for the passion and expertise he's brought to the Treasury group and the important role that he's played in working with the management team, the Board of Directors and the financial community to help DTE Energy achieve some great successes over these years, including pulling through some of the toughest economic times like 2008 and '09 that hopefully, we will ever see in our life.

Many of you have met Dan, and he's been involved in a number of Investor Relation events over the years, and you can look forward to seeing him going forward. And finally, congratulations to Peter on his well-deserved promotion. And you're not going to lose sight of Nick. He's only 50 feet from my office and he's going to continue to be involved with the investment and credit community.

So turning to Page 4. This morning, we're going to cover our second quarter results and give you an update on some growth projects at our utilities and the nonutilities. So let me kick this off then on Slide 5. We like to ground all of our discussions with investors in what we call our investment thesis, as we believe this concisely summarizes the compelling reasons to invest in DTE Energy.

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