And you see that we’re doing just that across all of our markets. That’s the punch-line. We’re increasingly winning the hearts and minds of the customers and communities we serve and the benefits are all the more real and evident.

As for the HSBC Branch transaction, one of my key takeaways at this early stage, one we have very effectively pulled off our biggest challenge yet and find ourselves in a even better than anticipated position just two months into it.

Two, over the last year, we validated not only the strengths of the franchise we acquired, also our own brand as our first major end market deal. Our ability not only to hold the base substantially and tack over and turned out to be an all too extended timeline between announcement and closing, but in fact win more than our share of pre-close attrition battles is noteworthy.

Many other former HSBC customers that moved in the interim period, weren’t running away from us, and really wanted to get a jump start on establishing a relationship with us. While it would have been awkward to be as crisp on that point over the last year, I want to be very clear now about the significance of the positive balance as they came away before the deal was completed in May, because even as competitors stepped up their efforts to take advantage of the dislocation in the market, our brand awareness is now stronger than ever.

That is showed that over the last six months is when at least 20 point approval in (inaudible) awareness in Western New York alone. Rochester, Syracuse and Albany awareness quotients doubled now, which is north of 50%, even better than the 85% awareness number is our 70% of favorability rating in Buffalo with the next best competitor at 62% and you can see the benefits of that in all of our results whether it be the strong retention statistics or the significant number of customers that we converted to us.

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