Carter Malloy - Stephens Inc., Research Division

Okay. And then also can you piece apart any of the revenue outlook for us in terms of your 3 geographies and, obviously, a lot questions around Europe and your expectations there, importantly even, external of economic factors, when you expect this -- the best practices implementation, user interface, cross-sell reduction, those types of things, to have a positive accelerant -- or accelerating impact on growth there?

Robert S. Keane

The high-level numbers -- just to put in perspective, right? It sounds like you already have read this from the press release, but Asia Pacific grew 33% year-over-year in the quarter; the American -- or North American business, 18%; and the European business, 11%. The 11% was a major tick-down from prior rates and, at a year rate, was quite a bit stronger than that. We do see the application of those best practices that we are -- we've learned in North America. We've -- we're still developing in North America something which we can apply into Europe. But it is a different market in a sense that we have 17 different market to get into your major markets, 5 or 6, that we need to apply those learnings into. And it is -- it's not a black-and-white application, it's a balance of tone and messaging and pricing and product positioning. So we see the next year as an important time frame to address it. We were disappointed with Europe's performance but we don't see this as a 1- or 2-quarter return back to the high teens.

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