After taking into account the various parties contributions to the settlement, the company accrued $6.5 million for the quarter related to this proposed settlement in addition of course to associated legal expenses. As you may recall, the litigation related to our 2011 recapitalization transaction, which allowed our largest investors THL and Goldman Sachs to convert their Series B preferred stock interest into common stock and common stock equivalents.

We all know that this is a positive transaction for MoneyGram as evidenced by the overwhelming vote of support, 94%, from the unaffiliated shareholders. While we would have preferred no litigation at all, we feel this settlement is a good result which enables the company to avoid future costs and put this matter behind us.

The second is our ongoing investigation in the matter before the US district court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. As you know from the earnings release, we accrued $30 million in connection with a possible resolution of this matter based upon facts and circumstances we know today. We continue to engage in discussions with US government representatives, and our goal is to resolve this matter as soon as possible and with the best solution for all stakeholders. That said, we can’t predict the ultimate outcome or potential losses that may be associated with this matter, and we can’t predict whether they will be other remedies or penalties.

I can say that we continue to dedicate significant resources towards obtaining a resolution in this legacy matter. This investigation is about MoneyGram’s consumer antifraud program from 2004 to early 2009. I have said this before, but it bears repeating now, MoneyGram continually intensifies its efforts to thwart fraudsters, and we partner with law enforcement and other agencies like the Federal Trade Commission to provide information and assist in the arrest, indictment and prosecution of criminals.

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