AVG Technologies (NYSE: AVG), the provider of Internet and mobile security to 114 million active users, announced publication of a new book, Wide Open Privacy: Strategies for the Digital Life (IT-Harvest), focusing on ways today’s consumers can play offense in protecting and controlling their digital lives.

The future of privacy has emerged as the defining issue of our era. As governments and the digital industry contend for control of the power that is privacy, AVG’s Chief Executive Officer, J.R. Smith, and the company’s Chief Policy Officer, Siobhan MacDermott, will release their new book in September 2012.

The book will detail a new and innovative alternative to both government and industry control of online privacy—more specifically, what the authors call a “third approach” that puts control of personal data in the hands of the individual Internet user and online consumer.

“There is no shortage of how-to guides to Internet ‘safety’ and ‘security’,” Smith explains. “Today, most of these books cover malware, viruses and online predators. Of course, these topics are important—and we cover them in Wide Open Privacy. But these issues are more tactical than they are strategic.

Co-author MacDermott elaborates: “The breakthrough in Wide Open Privacy is strategy. We don’t throw together a kit of miscellaneous tools and techniques,” she explains. “Rather, we create a comprehensive understanding of digital privacy and develop a suite of strategies for a productive and secure life online. Our goal: Turn the very concept of privacy inside out—taking full advantage of the Internet by opening the world to the user and the user to the world, but strictly on terms defined and controlled by each individual user.”

The White House has recently proposed a “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights” and the European Union has declared that the online “right to be forgotten” is a basic human right. Moreover, the agents of e-commerce are busy collecting data on all of us on the Web, and, too, there are today widespread reports of government agencies such as the NSA working to track citizens’ actions online.

Furthermore, adults, children and families share their most intimate secrets on social websites. And merchants, banks, credit card companies and government agencies move, store, trade, share, and sometimes lose millions of private records relating to our finances, our health, our marital status, our sexual preferences, our hobbies and even our whereabouts day to day and minute by minute.

“The majority of technologists, psychologists, media gurus, cultural commentators and the makers of policy and law speak of protecting privacy,” Smith says. “By contrast, we focus on giving consumers clear strategies to control their own personal data in ways that fully realize the power of privacy in a digital world. Our intention is to lead readers and consumers to a digital revolution that is really just beginning. And it is shaping up to be an all-consuming battle to create, claim and control our digital data—our very selves—online.

“If it’s time to choose up sides, AVG sides with the consumer,” Smith concluded.

Wide Open Privacy will be available online and at bookstores.

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