Under terms of the Hold Separate Order, the Company does not control the Liquid Finishing business, nor is it able to exert influence over the Liquid Finishing operations. Consequently, the Company’s investment in the Liquid Finishing business has been reflected as a cost-method investment, and its financial results have not been consolidated with those of the Company. Income is recognized based on dividends received from current earnings and is included in other income.

"The Liquid Finishing business continued to perform well in the second quarter, generating sales of $67 million and EBITDA of $13 million, both of which were increases from the prior year, and reflect the positive contributions of the Hold Separate management and employees," stated Mr. McHale. "Once the final Decision and Order has been issued by the FTC, we will commence a sale process. The process is expected to be completed within the 180 days allowed by the order."

Consolidated Results

Sales for the quarter increased 14 percent (17 percent at consistent currency translation rates), including increases of 12 percent in the Americas, 19 percent in Europe (29 percent at consistent translation rates) and 14 percent in Asia Pacific (16 percent at consistent translation rates). Year-to-date sales increased 11 percent (13 percent at consistent translation rates), with increases of 10 percent in the Americas, 11 percent in Europe (18 percent at consistent translation rates) and 12 percent in Asia Pacific.

Sales included $31 million from the Powder Finishing operations acquired at the beginning of April, including $6 million in the Americas, $16 million in Europe and $9 million in Asia Pacific. Sales growth at consistent translation rates and before acquisitions was 7 percent for the quarter in the Americas and down slightly in Europe and Asia Pacific. On the same basis, sales growth was 8 percent year-to-date in the Americas and 3 percent in both Europe and Asia Pacific.

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