Finally, I would like to remind you that comments made by John, Chad or others representing C.H. Robinson may contain forward-looking statements which are subject to risk and uncertainties. Our SEC filings contain additional information about factors that could cause actual results to differ from management's expectation.

And with that, I'll turn it over to John.

John P. Wiehoff

Thank you, Angie, and thanks to everybody who's taken the time to listen into our call. So my prepared comments, as Angie said, will start with Slide 3 on our prepared deck that summarize our overall financial results for the second quarter. The key metrics that we focus on, our total revenues grew 9.2% for the quarter. Net revenues grew 1.8%. I'll discuss more about it later, but in general, that margin compression of net revenues growing slower than total revenues is a common theme throughout all of our different services. Our income from operations grew 2.7%, and our EPS grew at 6%. Chad will make some more comments later about our variable business model and our operating expenses. But in general, we were pleased that we were able to grow our EPS faster than our net revenues.

As in the past, I'm going to make a few prepared comments for each of our individual service lines, but before we move off of the enterprise results, I guess I wanted to touch on what I believe is the common theme for our second quarter results across all of our transportation services. And that really is the theme of: our underlying capacity providers looking pretty aggressively to drive price increases, and at the same time, our customer base that we're working with being as focused as ever on supply chain savings and cost reductions, and not very receptive to meaningful price increases based on overall economic conditions and how they're managing their supply chains more aggressively, which resulted in us across all service lines really, some pretty meaningful margin compression that was pretty systemic for us. It's not a new topic. We've talked about it the last couple of quarters, but it was as anticipated, and we talked about the early days of April on our last call that, that margin compression really continued across all service lines. Again, driven largely, we believe, by the overall environment and macro effects. And as I go through each individual service line, I'll try to comment more specifically on kind of what we're seeing and how we think it might be impacting us. But that's clearly kind of the connecting theme that we would mention.

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