Buy Ford, Trade Zynga, Sell TriQuint

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- In this third full week of earnings season it seems all the high-profile names including Apple ( AAPL) and Facebook ( FB) continue to garner the lion's share of Wall Street's attention, and with good reason.

Be that as it may, there are yet a few names, while not as dynamic, that present some opportunities for investors looking to cash in on the hysteria created by a surprising hit such as Yahoo's ( YHOO) report or a disappointing miss as we witnessed from Chipotle ( CMG).

In this article, we are going to explore the buying thesis for automotive giant Ford Motor ( F), while looking to trade Zynga ( ZNGA) and unloading shares of TriQuint ( TQNT).

While there is not an exact science to these arguments, applying comparative analysis has often proven to be highly effective tool as a predictor of performance. Of course, investor psychology has a way of throwing a wrench in these forecasts. Let's dive right into it and see if you agree.

Buy Ford

I have not been exactly sure of what to expect in Ford's current quarter. I have a good suspicion the company and its stock can only propel upward from here.

Though I am making a buy recommendation at current levels ahead of its report, which is due out Wednesday, I think it is equally important to note that my bullishness is centered on a long-term holding strategy of 12 to 24 months.

Late last month the company advised its operating loss would be three times what it reported in the first quarter, or approximately $570 million. It said this was due to weakness in Europe where profitability has become a bigger challenge than initially projected. In light of this, there were subsequent reductions in earnings per share estimates from analysts, now set at 28 cents, down from previous consensus of 35 cents.

What this tells me is that if projections have only been reduced by 7 cents due to European concerns, Wall Street is still expecting a moderate to strong quarter, particularly as it relates to U.S. sales. This makes sense because, according to recent SAAR reports, the company has consistently demonstrated an ability to gain market share in the U.S.

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