Buy Yahoo!; CEO Marissa Mayer Will Lead it Out to $20

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- I keep an eye on stocks that perform well on days when most of the rest of the market slumps.

I haven't done it, but it would probably be worthwhile to track how well stocks that advance on days when the Dow drops by 100 points or more perform during the days after.

To be clear, quite a few stocks went up on Friday; almost a third of NYSE names and a full quarter of NASDAQ issues rose. In the face of a choppy trading day, a 121-point drop in the Dow and a 41-point decrease in the NASDAQ, Yahoo! ( YHOO) performed relatively well.

For a stock that has stagnated for so long, the 2% gain YHOO has made since it announced the hiring of Marissa Mayer as its new CEO last Monday afternoon warrants attention. The stock picked up more than half of that upside during this past Friday's session.

Granted, YHOO has flirted with a breakout above $16 in recent months, but it could never sustain anything north of that threshold for very long. That could be change with Mayer in charge. YHOO Chart YHOO data by YCharts

So much of the response to Mayer's hiring was just sad. I was ashamed to work in the same industry as dozens of folks who decided to trash the move on such flimsy grounds.

Of course, you had the chauvinist hacks who have done nothing but disrespect Mayer because she's a pregnant CEO.

These self-proclaimed studs never thought to reserve judgment. Maybe Mayer is capable of multi-tasking. Maybe she'll schedule a C-section? Maybe her husband lives in the new century and plans to share the child-rearing load. Who knows? Maybe he'll take the lead? Maybe the happy couple has parents? Maybe they'll hire a nanny?

What a novelty -- thinking before you speak.

Where there wasn't testosterone-fueled chauvinism, we saw more than a few snarky scribes denounce Mayer before she even set foot in the office for Day One on the job.

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