And whether it would be venture to feed the homeless, whether it would be something to rebuild homes for people that don’t have homes. Whatever the cause may be, if it’s a worthwhile cause and our people are involved and engaged, we support that with our corporate resources.

And we find that rather then just sending checks, we are able to multiple the power of our dollars many fold by the engaged and involved activity of our people. And how they go out and approach these problems and actually bring personal health.

One of more gratifying things for me in the roll that I get to play is that, I’ll go to social locations in D.C. and it almost invariably. Whether its anything from a hockey game to a big Black Tie Gala, when I see colleagues in the industry and people around, invariably I get approach people to say, hey, I just want to thank you, for what, so and so at Booz Allen is doing to help us.

How they come in to work with this organization and they made things different, they made things happen, they are making the difference, and we are grateful to Booz Allen for that.

That’s what our people do, but you know its good business. Its good business for us because it allows us to really help motivate our people and have them be engage in a way that they take great pride in the institution and therefore, they are ever more eager to commit and to work with us to be most power employees and ambassadors for the firm.

They take great pride and recognition that we’ve got. I mean, we’ve been recognized I think for 13 years in a row by working Mother Magazine and one of the best places to work, and we continually get these kinds of recognition from fortune magazine and other places like that. The business counsel on the arts gave us recognition this year for being one of the big supporters of arts in the United States.

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