But this metrics is very powerful for us, because this allows us to take the best people in technology, for example, and shift them to where the requirement is. It allows us to take the best people that perhaps are needed to do SC&I work, and focus them on the biggest SC&I problem. And this flexibility and ability to move across the metrics is facilitated by the fact that we have this single P&L.

In addition to a single P&L, our collaborative culture is encouraged by the fact that at the senior levels we have a bonus structure that rewards only the performance of the institution, not the performance of individuals, when individual is not incited out there to try to maximize his or her pieces of pie, but rather to do things that strengthen the entire pie for all of us.

So this agility, stability, structure, these are things that really allow us to accomplish what we’ve been able to accomplish, and that’s why it gives us strength and confidence going forward.

I think the other thing is, when we look back and we think about where we have been in the past and we’ve seen changes in the overall spending cycles and everything else. The areas where we are able to bring value and expertise is our clients want to work with us. They want us to help them look at how they prioritize even more limited funding, or how they prioritize against certain constraints that they are now facing.

We are the ones that provide the expertise that enabled them to look at how they deal with challenging times and our reputation, our expertise, our past performance are the things that allow us to do that as well.

One of the other things that I think we take a lot of pride in is the fact that when we look at our organization today. We are very mindful of the concerns over ethics and compliance issues. We’ve been very fortunate that when we established our first public Board, we had Charles Rossotti, who were former Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service, but also the person who founded one of the big companies in our industry AMS, serving on our Board and someone who has consider amount of Board experience.

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