Now that just not an ideal bit of chatter, if we look at where we are today and where we’ve been, as we reported out in our last earnings call. We are beneficiaries of a record backlog.

So despite all the turmoil that we went through and the government past fiscal year and all of this, somewhat unprecedented debates and discussions about the budget and trying to get the budget approved.

We finally had funding resolution in the late spring. We were able to work through the summer to be able to convert this funding into backlog for us and that backlog stood at a very high level. And now we are in the process of working off with that backlog and generating the revenue that’s associated with having that funding available to us in-house.

And our strategy, I think is a very simple strategy, yet, one that’s very, very difficult to implement. The journey that we’ve been on for the last 15 plus year; really focuses on this phrase, if we want to be the best, we are not concern with who the biggest is.

We are not there chasing revenue. We are not about there chasing each job. We are out there looking to be able to do things that actually fit us, that fit into our sweet spot. We continue to build our reputation and our capability around. We are the very best firm that works in these markets.

We spend a considerable amount of time at the leadership team level. The group that you are going to be hearing from today, talking about, what market we should be in? How we should focus in those markets? Where we should spend our investment money? What are the markets we should consider moving out?

How do we keep our focus shifted and focus in a way, so that we are doing the right thing for the right people, not only to satisfy them, but to satisfy around internal aspirations to be able to work at the cutting edge, and be able to be part of that elite group of folks that can solve the toughest problems. So that’s how we spend our time and we spend our attention.

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