Any comments that management makes today may include forward-looking statements. These are defined by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. They're based on information and data that is currently available. However, the actual performance may differ due to various factors, and these are cited in the Safe Harbor statement in the press release.

And with that, I'm very pleased to turn it over to Mr. Jaime Rivera for his opening remarks.

Please go ahead, Jaime.

Jaime Rivera

Thank you, Melanie, and good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our quarterly conference call. Thank you for your continued interest in Bladex.

Like Melanie just said, this is a special occasion for me. It is, after all, the last chance I get and the last opportunity that I have to exchange views with you regarding the current state of the company and the way I believe it's going to move forward. So because of that, because it is the last chance I get to talk to you from within the context of this forum, I hope you will allow me to change the format of the call just a bit.

If you noticed, the press release -- in the press release, rather, I extended my comments on the quarter a bit more than I usually do. So I will be addressing the quarter only in a very short way because what I would want to emphasize and where I would want to spend a bit more time on is to outline the strategic drivers that I will -- I think that under Rubens' leadership and direction, will allow the bank to accelerate its growth and creation of value in the future.

Following my comments, Christopher will cover the highlights, the growth about -- on the drivers of the second quarter, and then we will be glad to take up whatever questions and answers you might have on any topic that might interest you. And after that -- after that, I will go through and go through my literally closing comments. And then ask Mr. Amaral to give us a few thoughts on what he thinks what he's going to do about the current state of the company and about his preliminary comments and preliminary ideas of the way he plans to move the bank forward. Of course, we placed Mr. Amaral last in the program to make sure that you will all stay and listen to everything else he has to say.

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