SunCoke Energy, Inc. Board Of Directors Approves Formation And IPO Of Master Limited Partnership

SunCoke Energy, Inc. (NYSE: SXC) today announced that its Board of Directors has approved the formation of a Master Limited Partnership (MLP) and the filing of a registration statement to effect the initial public offering (IPO) of the MLP. The key assets of the MLP are expected to be a portion of SunCoke Energy’s interests in each of its Haverhill and Middletown cokemaking facilities, located in Franklin Furnace, Ohio and Middletown, Ohio, respectively. SunCoke Energy would own the general partner of the proposed MLP, SunCoke Energy Partners, L.P., as well as all of the MLP incentive distribution rights and a portion of the units representing limited partner interests in the MLP.

SunCoke Energy expects to close the IPO of the MLP not earlier than the fourth quarter of 2012. Concurrently with the closing of the IPO, SunCoke Energy expects to receive a cash distribution from a portion of the net offering proceeds. SunCoke Energy intends to use the proceeds of that distribution to repay, repurchase or redeem outstanding debt, fund expansion projects and for general corporate purposes. Additional information will be included in the registration statement.


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SunCoke Energy, Inc. is the largest independent producer of metallurgical coke in the Americas, with about 50 years of experience supplying coke to the integrated steel industry. Its advanced, heat recovery cokemaking process produces high-quality coke for use in steelmaking, captures waste heat for derivative energy resale and meets or exceeds environmental standards. Its cokemaking facilities are located in Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Vitoria, Brazil, and our coal mining operations, which have more than 114 million tons of proven and probable reserves, are located in Virginia and West Virginia. To learn more about SunCoke Energy, Inc., visit


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